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Poker Netcast is excited to announce it's new Live at the Bike Facebook Page and Google Plus Page!

Many of you already follow us on Twitter and interact with us by tweeting to @LiveattheBike to get game information and technical support. We thank you for following us and encourage you to continue to tweet at us.

But we understand that there are so many different social media networks to choose from and may of our fans prefer to use other sites. 

Well for those of you who are not avid Tweeters, you can now you can join us on Facebook at

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So many of you watch us live or catch up in the archives, but did you know we regularly post a "Hand-of-the-Night" video? Many of you may also remember that we gave away several free VIP membership in January 2012 during our special coverage of the World Series of Poker Circuit Tour event at The Bicycle Casino. Well, we are getting ready to launch another great promotion!!

So, join us on Twitter , Facebook and/or Google+ to get up to the minute information on upcoming promotions, game and board information, photographs, Hand-of-the-Day videos and much, much more!! And of course, tune in every Tuesday and Friday from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) and enjoy the show!

The 2012 WSOP Circuit Tour at The Bike


Commencing with the World Series of Poker Circuit Tour Event No. 1 final table  on January 4, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. PT, Poker Netcast will be live streaming the Bicycle Casino's 2012 WSOP Circuit Tour  tournament on "Live at the Bike," every afternoon until the last ring has been won.

We have scheduled a variety of guest commentators, including Maria Ho, Tiffany Michelle, John Wray, Jeff Madson, Owais Ahmed, Alex Outhred, and Nick Brancato, and expect to add to the line up in the upcoming days to cover the anticipated 12 hours of live streaming.

The special coverage WSOP Circuit schedule is as follows:

Event #DateTimeDayTounament Event 12:00 pm Commentators6:00 pm Commentators 
11/4/20112:00 PMWed$345 NL Hold'em Re-EntryBart Hanson, Nichoel JurgensScott Seligson, Adam Strohl, William Reynolds
21/4/2011TBDWed$555 NL Hold'em Scott Seligson, Adam Strohl
31/5/201112:00 PMThur$345 NL Hold'emBart Hanson, Scott SeligsonOwais Ahmed, Alex Outhred
41/6/201112:00 PMFri$555 6-Max NL Hold'emBart Hanson, Nichoel JurgensAlex Outhred, Scott Seligson
51/7/201112:00 PMSat$345 NL Hold'emMaria HoTiffany MichelleBart Hanson, Adam Strohl, Keith Woernle ,
61/8/201112:00 PMSun$555 NL Hold'emAlex Outhred, Scott SeligsonJohn Wray, Adam Strohl
71/9/201112:00 PMMon$1,080 NL Hold'emNichoel Jurgens,Alex OuthredDavid Tuckman,  Alex OuthredJeff Madsen
91/10/201112:00 PMTue$345 NL Hold'emNichoel Jurgens, David TuckmanAlex Outhred,Nick Brancato
 101/11/2011 12:00 PM Wed $1,600 Main Event Day 2Nick Brancato, David Tuckman Alex OuthredStacey Nutini
 1/12/2011 12:00 PM Thur $1,600 Main Event Final DayNick BrancatoAlex Outhred David Tuckman,Stacey Nutini


In addition, Poker Netcast is giving away twelve Three-Month VIP "Live at the Bike" memberships every day to twelve lucky members* who are log in during the 9 days of live broadcasts. If you don't already have a Poker Netcast membership, simply register for a free while  you enjoy the show and you could be one of the lucky winners of the day!!!




 *If you are one of our loyal members that already have a paid membership, you still qualify for this promotion. You will receive credit for the next three billing cycles and your month dues will resume after the 3-month period. 


The Bicycle Casino is giving away an iPad2 to the High Hand* of the day, every day in November. Play any of The Bike's Plaza Games, including Live at the Bike, in November and you too could win an iPad2.

How it works: The Plaza Floor will track each qualifying High-Hand starting at midnight. If, for example, a player at a $2-3 No Limit Hold'em ($100-$300) table shows Quad 4s on the board at 1:00 p.m., then Quad 4s will be announced as the High-Hand to beat. If at 4:00 p.m. a player shows Quad 8s at the $40-80 Limit Hold'em table, then Quad 8s is the High-Hand to beat. If at 10:00 p.m. a player sitting in a $10-25 ($1000+) No Limit Hold'em game shows a 6-High Straight Flush, then the 6-High Straight Flush will be the High-Hand to beat. If by 11:59 p.m., no other hand is better than a 6-High Straight Flush, the player who showed the High-Hand will win an iPad2.

The first player to show a Royal Flush will immediately win the iPad2 for the day

*High-Hand is Quads or better. The High-Hand to beat will be posted in the Plaza Section. Players must show both cards for his/her hand to qualify, but only one of the hole cards is needed to complete the hand.