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After the success of the The Bicycle Casino's Mega Millions Tournament , The Bike has included the popular tournament structure as the kick off event the 2011 Legends of Poker. The first event of its signature tournament series is a multi-reentry event that runs for ten (10) consecutive days!!

 With a larger-than-life guaranteed purse of $1,000,000; the first place prize set at $300,000; a chance of appearing on the popular Live at the Bike webcast; and free entry to the Legends of Legends World Poker Tour Main Event satellite, the piddly investment (some spend more money to fill-up their gas tank) seems well worth the price.

For a relatively low buy-in of $125 (plus $25 in fees) each player shall receive 5,000 in tournament chips. In addition to the buy-in, there is one optional add-on/re-buy at the cost of $100 for an extra 7,000 in tournament chips that can be purchased at any time before the beginning of the 4th Level.

Free entry to Legends of Legends
Play 4 of 10 qualifying sessions and receive free entry to the Legends of Legends Invitation Tournament on July 24th at 1:00 p.m. - 10 WPT Main Event Seats are Guaranteed.

This is a multi-entry event with ten (10) starting days. Each starting day has two scheduled (20 minute blind structure) heats at 1:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. If a player is knocked out of a session, that player may re-enter any subsequent heat thereafter. The top ten percent (10%) from every heat will receive a portion of the prize pool and the top four percent (4%) will advance to the two-day Semifinals.

The first day of the Semifinals will be commence on Sunday, August 7th at 3:00 p.m. Blinds will roll back to the session that ended at the lowest level and the blind structure will increase to 30 minutes. Day-2 semifinalists will play down to thirty-six (36) players. The returning semifinals will resume for Day-3 on Monday, August 8th at 6:00 p.m. to a 40 minute blind structure until only nine (9) players remain.

The final nine finalists will return on Tuesday, August 9th at 2:00 p.m. to a 50 minute blind structure (the blinds on final table will start so that each player has no less than 20 big blinds based on their chip count) for the Legends of Poker Mega Million Final Table which will be broadcast live on the Bicycle Casino's Live at the Bike webcast.

Legends of Poker Event No. 1 ($1M Guaranteed) Schedule
DateTimeEventBuy in + Fees
07/281 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/286 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/291 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/296 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/301 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/306 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/311 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
07/316 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/011 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/016 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/021 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/026 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/031 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/036 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/041 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/046 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/051 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/056 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/061 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00
08/066 PMNo-Limit Hold 'Em125.00 + 25.00

Players must present their Bicycle Casino Rewards Club Card to register. $3 from every $100 in the prize pool will be withheld for administration fee.