Special Event: The Folks Behind the World Poker Tour Showcase Their Skills
Poker Netcast  is proud to present the Live at the Bike WPT* Sit & Go. For the first time in 10 seasons, the production crew behind the show that started it all, the World Poker Tour, will be at the Bicycle Casino to showcase their enthusiasm for the game. These talented people have brought some of the most famous final tables in poker into your living rooms over the years, yet many of you have never seen the faces behind the magic.

Tune in tonight, April 10, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. PDT, to watch Adam Stohl - Live at the Bike Commentator / WPT Videographer and Joe Grimm - WPT Executive Producer, commentate on the No Limit Hold'em Single Table Tournament. The participants scheduled to appear are Vince Van Patten - WPT Commentator, Marianela Pereyra - WPT Anchor, Kristin Cranford - WPT Line Producer, Patrick O'Grady - WPT Producer, George Sylak - WPT Producer, Mandy Glogow - WPT Producer, Paul Laurel - WPT Graphics Editor, Ging Masinda-Quinto - WPT Casino Relations Manager, and Keith Kozar - WPT Logger, and AJ Rosenberger - WPT Editor (Alternate).

Viewers can expect this bunch to show off some skillful moves learned from top pros, fishy plays that they can't stop themselves from trying, and a whole lot of love for the game of poker. 


*This is not a World Poker Tour Event, just a fun gathering of the production crew.