2012 November Live at the Bike Show and Commentator Schedule

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The games are played at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, California. To reserve a seat or for questions regarding Live at the Bike games call/text: 213.986.LIVE (213-986-5483) or email: [email protected]. The Live at the Bike game begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Plaza Top Section, Marie-Lizette Acoba will be on set to seat the game. Priority placement on the Reserved Seating List may be based on the level of membership, however no membership is necessary to be placed on the Reserved Seating List.

$5/5 NLH ($300-1K)  
 No Limit Hold'em; Buy-in: $300 Minimum to $1,000 Maximum. Blind structure: $5 Big Blind, $5 Small Blind and optional $10 Straddle Under-the-Gun only. This pot raked game.

$5/5+5 NLH ($1K+)  

No Limit Hold'em; Buy-in:  $1,000 Minimum Buy-in, no maximum. Blind structure: $5 Big Blind, $5 Small Blind plus $5 Ante. This pot raked game.

$5/5 PLO ($500+)  

Pot Limit Omaha; Buy-in:  $500 Minimum, no maximum. Blind structure: $5 Big Blind, $5 Small Blind and optional $10 Straddle Under-the-Gun only. This is a time collection game.

♣ Placing initials on the Bicycle Casino Interest Board does not constitute a seat reservation.

♠ Schedule subject to change without notice.

The Bicycle Casino reserves the right to revise, suspend, cancel, or modify events at its sole discretion and without prior notice within the parameters of GEGA-001229, GEGA-000451, GEGA-002388.

Please gamble responsibly or call 1-800-GAMBLER for help.